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Ron Falcon LMT/Rhonda Falcon LMT

If you are a massage therapist who has taken a workshop with Ron, you can make a free account with CE Broker to check that we have submitted your credits to the state. Thank you. 

*Human trafficking ce is not required until 2021.


Also, we are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding massage appointments or massage CEU classes. For initial massage appointments, we prefer a phone call. We have noticed every once and while emails do not get through to us in a reasonable amount of time. Calling our office is preferred since we have an actual business line (jacked into the wall, not a cell phone) with voice mail that has not once let us down. Thanks!


Falcon Massage & Bodywork 

Tel: 321-952-6633 

Office address:

2174 Harris Avenue Suite 4image

Palm Bay, FL 32905


Mailing address:

P.O. Box 121709

West Melbourne, FL 32912



(321) 952-6633 office

2174 Harris Avenue Suite 4
Palm Bay, FL 32905-2525

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